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Best coworking space in Plano TX

Over the last few years, there has been a steady rise in the culture of working remotely. Although the convenience of working from home is appealing, many people are no longer comfortable working in the confines of their homes every single day. Consequently, the lively mood that Plano, Texas, presents has produced a great number of digital nomads for the past few years. Many of these people are looking for the perfect coworking space in Plano.

Plano has charming restaurants, unique tourist destinations, and a cultural experience. Similarly, the city is not short of coworking spaces offering the best experience for people working remotely. These spaces feature all the required and top-notch amenities to bring the comfort you desire during work. Despite being away from home, you will always feel closer to home in these coworking spaces. Most importantly, you will meet very friendly and welcoming people from Plano!

Not sure where to start your search for the perfect coworking space in Plano? We’ve got you covered with our list of the top coworking spaces Plano TX has to offer!

Common Desk – Granite Park

common desk coworking office space for rent in PLano

Common Desk offers a classic coworking space with its innovative and dynamic community. The place has an exquisite environment for professionals in various domains to work together. It has lounge areas that are scattered all over the space. These lounge areas have been creatively crafted to offer enough natural light with dedicated kitchens and mezzanines on both floors. Additionally, there are business homes for community members. These allow the members to interact with fellow professionals and grasp what is happening in other domains.


  • Spacious and furnished conference rooms
  • In-built booth seating
  • Rearrangeable floor plan
  • Private offices

Where: 5830 Granite Pkwy STE 100, Granite Park 3

When: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

WeWork Office Space & Coworking

we work coworking space in Plano

Situated downtown from Legacy Town Center, this place is a lively location for growing teams, especially surrounded by corporate giants’ headquarters. There are two expansive floors in the 6-story building dedicated to coworking space. You will enjoy the light-filled lounges, the collaborative conference rooms, and their sleek private offices. After work, there are endless options for entertainment in the nearby locations. Here, you get to enjoy a mix of play and work.


  • Parking
  • Fitness center
  • Showers
  • Event space

Where: 6900 Dallas Pkwy, Legacy Town Center

When: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

WeWork Office Space & Coworking

office space for rent in Plano

This one is a well-thought-out coworking space that prioritizes your health and safety. The coworking space is a perfect blend of home and work settings. You will enjoy the touch-free dispensers, up-to-date HVAC standards, and parking that has enhanced cleaning services. Additionally, the Plan’s workplace is pet-friendly. There is an outdoor space meant for walking and relaxation. Mothers also enjoy the Mother’s room for mom employees and entrepreneurs. For your safety, the coworking space has a wellness room where you can seek first aid.


  • Recreational games
  • Parking
  • Dog-friendly
  • Mother’s room

Where: 7700 Windrose Ave, Legacy West

When: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Habitat Commons | Coworking Space

habitat commons on technology dr

This coworking space has a slightly professional and largely homely setting. It is the perfect place you can work and unwind. You can enjoy lunch or post-workout drinks a few minutes ride from the Plano Arts District. Habitat Commons is sandwiched between Plano and Cityline. They offer mail services and conference rooms besides their working offices and spaces. Every day from 1:00 pm, you can enjoy a beer in their kitchen for fun. One good aspect of this coworking space is that you can outsource your IT services to their team.


  • High-speed internet
  • Private offices
  • Virtual offices and conference rooms
  • Photo studio

Where: 2609 Technology Dr Suite 100

When: Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Spaces – Plano – Legacy Central

Spaces Plano Legacy

Whether you prefer working in an open lounge, a private office, or an outdoor patio, this is a flexible workspace to cater to your needs. It is situated in a modern and light-filled structure. The dynamic working environment proves to be the best place where you can always boost your productivity. While here, you will enjoy super-fast Wi-Fi as you interact with like-minded professionals. The place offers unlimited access, given that it is open 24 hours.


  • Dedicated desk
  • Virtual offices
  • 241 parking spots
  • Super-fast Wi-Fi

Where: 6600 Chase Oaks Blvd Suite 150, Legacy Central Fitness

When: Open 24 hours

Industrious Plano

Industrious coworking office space

This coworking space prides itself on a stunning interior stacked with furniture and necessary amenities. From here, you can work in their cozy private offices or a friendly shared space. The space has awesome private decks and suites. You will also access their meeting and conference rooms. It is move-in ready, so you will only need to pack your essentials. Since their offices are glass windows from floor to ceiling, you will have incredible views from the workspace.


  • Unlimited printing and copying
  • Fully stocked beverage fridge
  • Custom-made wooden desks
  • Private locked offices

Where: 7250 Dallas Pkwy Suite 400, Legacy Tower Logo

When: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Caddo Office Reimagined – Plano

Cado reimagined

This is among the most thriving office brands in this neighborhood. You will love their affluent interior, coupled with a perfect lighting system. The place also boasts a homely atmosphere for growing businesses to motivate them daily. Other amenities you will enjoy include personal desks and lockable offices, among others. When you need to unwind, get to the lounge area and grab some coffee. We cannot forget that Wi-Fi is secure and fast.


  • Classic Furniture
  • Fast and secure internet
  • Free Parking
  • Peace and quiet

Where: 8105 Rasor Boulevard

When: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Plano Community Coworking

Plano community Coworking

This coworking space has been created to boost productivity. There is everything from conference rooms to private offices where you can choose where you want to work. The atmosphere here is so cool, with an outdoor space for walking and relaxing. The space also has a kitchen area where you can dine. You will also appreciate their comfortable and modern furniture.


  • Modern furniture
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Outdoor areas for relaxation
  • Private offices

Where: 3160 E Spring Creek Pkwy Suite 100

When: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Spaces – Plano – West Plano Village


West Plano is among the most exciting developments in this city. Creativity thrives so well here, and you experience it first-hand at Spaces. Spaces in West Plano Village is the place to be if you are looking for a productivity boost. You can choose to work in their private offices, open lounge, or on their outdoor patio. The coworking space has fast and reliable internet and breakout areas when you need to unwind.


  • Super-fast Wi-Fi
  • 8 dedicated desks
  • 35 parking spots
  • Breakout areas

Where: 3300 Dallas Pkwy, West Plano Village

When: Open 24 hours

CityCentral – East Plano – Richardson, TX Office Space

city central on 500N US-75

CityCentral is a beautiful workspace with well-appointed meeting rooms, impressive event spaces, and beautiful private spaces. The space has been optimized to host diverse communities, including logistics companies, podcasters, lawyers, accountants, and restaurant groups. The internet here is fast and secure. Comfort is also guaranteed with their ergonomic furniture. Whenever you need to unwind, you can opt for their unlimited coffee or try their beer.


  • Ergonomic furniture
  • Ultra-fast internet
  • Unlimited coffee
  • Beer on tap

Where: 500 N US 75-Central Expy 1000 Suite 500

When: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Office Base

The coworking spaces and offices here are designed for privacy, professionalism, and productivity. Unfurnished and furnished offices are available for moving in. you can also enjoy the conferencing facilities at Office Base. This space is not short of team rooms and conference rooms. You also get to enjoy the latest IT infrastructure. To unwind, you can sit back and enjoy the full-service coffee lounge. The place is easily accessible and has ample parking for you and your colleagues.


  • Fast and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Conferencing facility
  • Air conditioning
  • Controlled access

Where: 555 Republic Dr

When: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Executive Work Space

Executive work space

This coworking space is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs either launch or grow their businesses. It’s the next level regarding a coworking scenario. This is the ideal place for business personnel to interact and grow in a motivating work environment. The workspace has dedicated desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and virtual offices, not forgetting the community lounging area. You will love their amenities that add comforts, such as the blazing fast Wi-Fi, premium furniture, a cafe, and janitor services.


  • Furnished private office
  • A receptionist to answer calls
  • Meeting space
  • Breakroom with Coffee and Tea
  • Internet (wired and wireless)
  • VOIP phone service


  • 5055 W Park Blvd #400, Plano, TX 75093
  • 5465 Legacy Dr., Suite 650, Plano, TX 75024

When: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

CityCentral – Plano, TX Office Space

City Central East Plano

This coworking space is made to enhance an engaging and productive working space for business-oriented minds. The place achieves the dream via its executive suites and modern office rooms. You will enjoy the private offices with large windows and collaborative space with beautiful natural sunlight. People also enjoy professional meeting rooms, fast and secure internet connection, and a secure building.


  • Virtual office
  • Meeting space
  • Business lounge
  • Unlimited coffee

Where: 6010 W Spring Creek Pkwy

When: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Spaces – Plano – Shops at Legacy

shops at legacy

This working space is a great spot for businesses looking for top-level office spaces. Plano’s creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals will love this flexible and innovative workspace. This coworking space promotes freedom of expression and encourages new ideas. People can choose between private offices, collaborative meeting rooms, and others depending on their needs.


  • Parking
  • Super-fast Wi-Fi
  • Breakout areas
  • 133 private offices

Where: 5717 Legacy Dr. Suite 250, The Shops at Legacy

When: Open 24 hours

Lucid Private Offices Plano – Preston Road

Lucid private offices on Preston

This coworking space is easily accessible within walking distance of Plano. You can opt for private offices, shared offices, executive suites, or a virtual office. This place gives you a chance to meet with professionals, where you get to exchange an idea or two. Apart from the executive seats, there are board rooms, conference rooms, and team rooms with several coworking spaces. For unwinding, you can enjoy the full-service coffee lounge.


  • Latest IT infrastructure
  • Multiple conference rooms
  • Full-service coffee lounge
  • Virtual offices

Where: 1400 Preston Rd STE 400

When: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Lucid Private Offices Plano Frisco – Legacy

Lucid private offices

From the moment you walk in, you will immediately realize this coworking space is professional, private, and highly sought-after. The place is so welcoming and has a mature atmosphere. Depending on your needs, you can enjoy private offices or shared space. From top-notch furniture to the fast internet, there is much to enjoy in this working space.


  • Top-notch furniture
  • Ample lighting
  • Meeting rooms
  • Fast internet

Where: 5700 Tennyson Pkwy Suite 300, Legacy Place

When: Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00 pm

Regus – Plano on Park

Regus on Park

This coworking space allows you to set your aims high with its endless impressive features. Situated close to the Central Expressway and the Parker Road DART rail station, this place is easily accessible. The exterior offices have windows from floor to ceiling to offer you amazing views. The meeting room accommodates up to 40people, not forgetting that there is a coffee bar onsite. Visitors enjoy simple access to hotels, restaurants, and entertainment.


  • Break-out areas
  • Business lounge
  • Meeting rooms
  • Virtual offices

Where: 101 E Park Blvd Suite 600

When: Open 24 hours

Regus – Plano Shops at Legacy

Regus in Shops at Legacy

This is among Plano’s most sought-after locations for start-ups and well-established players. The area is well-connected with public transportation, which offers easy driving access. You will also appreciate the fact that there is ample parking. The amenities you enjoy here include video conferencing facilities and a business lounge. For unwinding, there are ample restaurants and hotels here.


  • 125 private offices
  • Drop-in business lounge
  • Restaurants and hotels available
  • On-site parking

Where: 5851 Legacy Cir 6th Floor

When: Open 24 hours

Working from home can sometimes suck the life out of you and start to get boring when you’re always on your own. However, breaking out into the open and getting into a coworking space in Plano would restore the fun of remote working. If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or SEO company in Plano TX, there’s a good chance you’ve already considered or are currently working from a coworking space. The beauty of these third places is that they provide an environment where you can be productive, network, and take a break from the monotony of working from home.

These spaces align with the city’s aesthetics and cultural essence, which is what makes them the best coworking space in Plano to work in Plano. If you have been in the dark regarding the best coworking spaces in this tourist-worth destination, we believe you are wiser now. Happy coworking!