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The success of your website in the organic search results is primarily determined by the keywords your website appears for in the top 10 results of a search result. It’s incredibly important to understand how potential clients are searching for solutions. Keyword research provides insight into the search terms that people are using to find businesses like yours. When done correctly, keyword research determines the value they represent to your business, the difficulty of potential search terms and insight into your competitors strategies.

Contributes to an effective content strategy

SEO is the process of creating pages that rank highly for specific keywords and topics that people are trying to find. Keyword research identifies the type of content that is performing well in the searches and in doing so, contributes to forming an effective content strategy. Why publish content no one is trying to find? Your content strategy is incredibly more effective when you optimize for the most popular terms being used in searches.

keyword difficulty is highlighted

This is a snippet of a keyword report highlighting the difficulty

Increases the volume of traffic to your website

Keyword research is a way to stay on top of the way searches are being made and make data-driven decisions to increase the traffic to your website. It allows you to select topics that are frequently searched and optimize for phrases your website can easily appear for in the search results.

Did you know that approximately 19% of the searches people make on Google have never been searched before? Google is literally seeing billions of new search phrases for the first time. This is an important point to note because there are many ways to search for one solution.

Increased lead generation

Effective research identifies common questions and problems that are being searched for on Google. By providing reliable and informative content you can guide users/prospects to other pages on your site to convert them to clients. An effective keyword strategy contributes to an effective marketing funnel that leads first-time website visitors to becoming loyal clients.

another sales or marketing funnel

Establishes search intent

Search intent, also referred to as user intent, is a major aspect of qualifying keywords to your list. The underlying intent of the search must always be evaluated to understand what it is that the user is looking for when they use a specific phrase.

Long-tail keywords (search terms 3 or more words) convert better than shorter search terms. When a user knows exactly what they are looking for, they will use more descriptive terms in the search. Short term searches can be misleading because there are more possibilities of what the users end goal is.