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Keyword research is the process of identifying terms and phrases that are used frequently in search engines. This process involves assessing the monthly search volume, the difficulty of the keyword to rank, the commercial value (or business value) and the user intent. The goal is to identify and prioritize keywords that will generate leads and revenue.

This includes setting short term goals and long term goals. Since the ranking process takes time, it’s important to prioritize the keywords that you know you absolutely must have for your business. Some terms will take much longer than others, however, keyword research doesn’t end once you’ve set your goals on you major targets.

At Austin Bryant Consulting, we are review keywords on a monthly basis. It’s not that we need to go over the same ones-quite the opposite. Content is published to your website on a monthly basis. This means we’re always looking for new terms that will play a role in the marketing funnel for your website. Here’s what a basic marketing funnel looks like:

marketing funnel for digital marketers

There are money keywords which attracts website visitors who are ready to buy. Then there are also those in research mode who don’t quite know enough about your product or service to make a decision. They are looking for answers to questions and are ready to learn more before they buy.

A blog or resource section of your website serves as a way to build authority to your website as well as introduce more potential clients to your business. Optimizing for the terms that are searched for the most puts your website in front of more eyes giving you more chances to convert visitors into clients.

Keyword research is an SEO service that is not only undervalued but often misrepresented. This aspect of SEO is one of the most crucial steps to ensuring the success of your campaigns. This short guide will walk you through the basics. The goal of this guide is to walk you through the process as well as equip with the basic skills necessary to perform effective keyword research for your business.