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Organic SEO services are a combination of SEO practices that result in more search visibility, more traffic and ultimately more leads and sales. Despite the fact that the basic elements exist in every SEO campaign, every business requires custom-tailored SEO services to scale up or down what’s needed for a website to drive more traffic. The definition of SEO is the process of making a page rank higher in the search results. There is a long list of practices that go into making that happen, but the following is a summary of how an SEO campaign is tailored to a business website and what goes into the service.

SEO audit

An SEO audit is an analysis of a website regarding on-page, off-page optimization, content, URL structure, current ranking positions, and keyword opportunities. The initial audit you do in your first consultation will uncover many of the weaknesses and strengths of the ranking ability of your website.

organic SEO services include an SEO audit

The results of the first audit will provide enough information to reveal an optimal SEO strategy. This is the initial proposal that’s created to drive additional traffic from search terms that will generate leads and sales.

An SEO audit is run periodically to monitor technical errors and to build on the progress of the current campaign.

Keyword research

This is an ongoing process that continually reveals new opportunities. For every page created on your site on behalf of Austin Bryant Consulting, we come up with a list of keywords that will contribute to traffic that provides business value. This process allows us to stay up to date with trending terms and open more possibilities for your page to rank for multiple terms.

Competitive analysis

Your competition is constantly being analyzed for new keyword opportunities, new link opportunities and methods of optimization that are performing well in the search results. While we like to think we know everything about SEO, the truth is SEO is in a constant state of flux. Reverse engineering the top-ranking pages is one of the ways in which we learn what’s working for specific keywords in specific industries.

Competition analysis is one of many SEO services to rank organically

Content creation

Most SEO campaigns are structured to include publishing content monthly. The content is not just limited to the blog content but can include service pages, location pages, landing pages, and resource material. This plays a role in your monthly cost for SEO services since some businesses require more content development than others.

On-page optimization

Search engines look for specific things on your page to indicate what the page is about and how useful it will be to users searching for specific terms. Every one of your pages is optimized to communicate the most important aspects to search engines.

On-page optimization includes keyword targeting but can also require more complex solutions. Search intent optimization, for example, requires structuring and editing content to be more geared to what a user is looking for in a search. Structured data markup is also a way to directly communicate to search engines what the page is about. This markup can be rewarded with SERP features (search engine result page) that attract more attention and increase the number of clicks to your page from the SERP. Reviews are one of many examples of how Google rewards structured data markup.

On-page optimization is an SEO service that includes structured data markup to get the star rating

Link building

As one of the largest ranking factors, link building is included in every SEO campaign. It provides you with an edge when your content is similar. Quality backlinks indicate to search engines that your website/web page can be trusted. Links can be viewed as “votes” of confidence from other websites.

Again, there are niches that demand a heavy link-building strategy to perform well, whereas there are some that a few quality links can send your page straight to the top of the results. A strategy is outlined based on the links your competition has on their pages that rank on the first page of results.

Tracking and reporting

The performance of your website is tracked, monitored, and recorded. Every month you receive a report on the volume of traffic your site generated, the most popular pages, how long people spent on your pages and how many conversions were made based on the goals we’ve set. 

analytics showing SEO performance

The organic positions of your keyword targets are also tracked and monitored closely. We report the progress monthly, so you always have a finger on the pulse of your website.

This is also crucial for our team to see the changes because of our efforts. We can always scale up or down any specific organic SEO services. This is most beneficial for link-building, or producing more content that performs exceptionally well (or poorly).


One of the most valuable aspects of organic SEO services is the advice and knowledge of our consultants. A website is a crucial tool to building a solid stream of income and we are experts in this area. It’s important to trust your team who plays an important role in your business’s development and know exactly where you stand in your inline presence.

Our customer service is unparalleled in this department. We believe every good SEO company should have an open line of communication with their clients. You have questions and we have answers. If you’re not getting a good vibe from your SEO company, it’s time to call Austin Bryant Consulting.