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What does an SEO company do? An SEO company performs keyword research, implements keyword strategy, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building. These are the basic pillars of search engine optimization that are required to see organic ranking positions improve. These practices are implemented on a monthly basis for short-term and long-term goal achievements.

As a result of the monthly practices, an SEO company improves the search visibility of your website in major search engines. This leads to an increase in website visitors, new leads and ultimately an increase in revenue. SEO is an investment in your website. An SEO company increases the value of your website in terms of leads and revenue.

SEO companies can operate differently

It’s important to note that because SEO is a relatively young form of marketing, there are many ways that SEO companies and consultants operate. For example, many companies specialize in a specific type of industry, such as SEO for lawyers, roofers, plumbers, etc.

Other SEO companies may be specialized in SEO for eCommerce websites while they are not as adept in the arts of Local SEO for local businesses. If you ask, any scrupulous company will be forthright in telling you exactly what their strengths are and what category the majority of their clients fall under.

SEO Consultants vs. SEO Companies

An SEO consultant acts as an advisor and guides in the direction you take with the content of your website. These decisions are geared towards capitalizing on traffic opportunities where there are keywords and keyword topics that are attainable and worthwhile to pursue.

While your SEO company may assign you an SEO consultant, it’s important to note that many freelance SEO professionals consult, operate and charge in different capacities.

Some may serve strictly as a consultant and charge companies for their time to analyze, report and advise. The client company then has an in-house team to execute the recommended strategies and findings. Consulting is very different than hiring a company that does offer SEO services, where everything is done for you.

Caveat emptor: Buyer beware!

The SEO industry is growing at an incredibly fast pace. Due to the overwhelming new number of “SEO professionals,” it’s important to vet your SEO company before doing business with them.

Beware of web design companies offering SEO services

Many web design companies will offer SEO services, however, they are by no means “SEO professionals”. There is an abundance of common knowledge that exists for the average person to get some of the basics right but there is much more to beating your competition if they’ve hired a legitimate SEO company.

We’ve heard it too many times before “Our web design company did our SEO” when really what they did was make a mess of the SEO. The same story repeats itself with inexperienced freelancers, PR companies and places where SEO is not a specialized service.

SEO companies only implement proven tactics

The last 10 years have resulted in massive changes in the way Google has been able to filter out widespread SEO tactics. In fact, the last year or two has brought about significant changes. You can read about the major Google updates to familiarize yourself with the changes. There are many companies that still use some of the outdated tactics and get very poor results. It should be noted that many of these outdated tactics can have an adverse results on your website and the visibility it has in the search results.